Inspecting Equipment


Greenslade and Company supplies the widest range of standard fastener inspecting equipment in the world. The product line includes GO/NOGO and variable thread gages, recess measuring devices, head height and head protrusion measuring gages, length gages, concentricity gages, tapping screw testing equipment, including drill-screw and torque-tension measuring and recording equipment. Much of unique equipment is covered by U.S. Patents.

Greenslade & Company is a specialized provider of dimensional calibration services to manufacturers and distributors throughout the world. Just to name a few, our services extend to the automotive, commercial, aerospace, and medical industries. Our calibration laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment that uses proprietary software to produce all calibration certificates directly from the surveillance measurements. Greenslade and Company is accredited to ISO 17025 by the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). With continued equipment additions and scope expansions, we are broadening our capabilities to ensure the best possible service to our customers.

With our highly trained engineering department, Greenslade designs special gages to meet customers’ specific measurement challenges. This service is performed a NO CHARGE. Most design proposals are provided within 48 hours of receiving a design request.
Gage designs can be of attribute or variable type depending on the customer’s specific requirements.
Greenslade also provides consultation services in matters related to fastener quality issues, gage usage, calibration issues and special gage design requiring technical expertise.


The Tri-Rnd ® Gage was specifically designed to measure the circumference diameter, frequently referred to as the "C" dimension. This is the largest circumscribing circle around high points of a three lobed screw body measured at 120°. The Tri-Rnd® Gage measures the “C" dimension on TAPTITE® screws and the "C" and "E" dimensions on TAPTITE® II and TAPTITE® 2000© screws. The "C" dimension is the largest circumscribing circle around high points of a three lobed screw body measured at 120°. The "E" dimension is the smallest inscribing circle measured at 120° on the three low areas between the lobes of three lobed screws. The Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility Study percentage of the Tri-Rnd® Gage is 9.5%. This gage is recommended for use in monitoring the "C" and "E" dimensions on both blanks and finished screws in Statistical Process Control programs. Tri-Rnd® Gage Measuring Capacity (headed blanks and threaded screws): Inch sizes: #4 through 1/2 inch diameters Metric sizes: M3 through M12 diameters NOTE: No Gage adjustment is required to measure this range.


This gage is ideally suited for thread measuring applications where the gage is to be dedicated to only one thread size or is used to measure a narrow range of sizes. This gage comes in a number of different frame sizes providing a total measurement range of #0-80 (M1.6) through 6” (M150). The Tri-Roll gage meets the specific thread requirements of ASME SYSTEMS 21, 22, 23.


The BI-POINT TM Internal Thread Gage is a widely adjustable thread measuring instrument. Only two frame sizes are required to measure from #10 through 2-1/2” and other from 2-5/8” through 5”. The measurement resolution is .0001”. This gage is available in a bench mounted model or a hand held. A specific set of gaging fingers is required for each thread size. The BI-POINT TM Gage can be changed from one thread size to another in less than three minutes. The BI-POINT TM Gage meets the specific requirements of ASME 21, 22 and 23. This Gage is set using a solid threaded master ring gage. The master ring can have as many three certified sizes on it: Pitch diameter, functional diameter, and minor diameter. The gaging fingers must be set to the corresponding master ring.


This gage is designed for measuring the relationship of various screws features to the screw’s shank like: Hex Head Flats, Head Diameter, Washer Diameter, Shoulder Diameter. It’s necessary to select the appropriate collet for the part being inspected, the collets and holder are marked “BLANK” and “FINISH” for the size selected. Rotate the fixture handle 360 degrees and observe the highest and lowest values displayed on the indicator and add those together while ignoring the sign (+ or -). The total of those two values are the “total indicator reading” (TIR) or “full indicator movement” (FIM). One-half of that sum is the “concentricity” of the measured screw feature to the screw’s shank.


The 3500-3550 Series 14" Comparators feature a more rigid stage with greater measuring range and accuracy. Over 60 years of experience manufacturing in the U.S., combined with its nation wide factory service organization makes S-T Optical Comparators your best buy in the industry. State of the Art Electronics. Choice of 3 readout systems, all DRO’s have RS232C output and available with complete geometric functions and automatic edge sensing. Ultra bright, sharp image with wide choice of magnification lenses. All S-T Industries Optical Comparators and Video Inspection systems include a two year warranty on parts and labor and a certificate to NIST.


Greenslade’s LENGTHCHECK TM makes measuring lengths of fasteners and various parts fast, easy and accurate. Our patented gages offer improvements over the more tedious methods of the past, such as using the back end of calipers, scales or handheld rulers. Such methods are cumbersome, time consuming, and inaccurate. When time is a factor, our LENGTHCHECK TM can measure various fasteners and parts up to 4 times faster than conventional methods. The LENGTHCHECK TM is ideally suited for use in production, as well as incoming and final inspection applications.

Our most popular model, the LG-006E (picture above) has up to a 6” (150mm) capacity with a .0005 resolution. All models come with data export capability as well as an A2LA accredited, at no additional charge. We also offer the models: >LG-002E (2 INCH) >LG-012E (12 INCH) >CUSTOM MADE


The model OC12 WDIGIN is a simple Optical comparator, easy handling and application of pieces. It’s a very economic model, very suitable for all type of companies. All digital comparator gages are Mitutoyo brand and is available several types of screen charts.


This gage is designed to measure the protrusion height of flat head screws and the head heights of non-flat head screws with accuracy and speed. The protrusion heights are measured by placing a flat head screw in the appropriate gaging hole and positioning it under the indicator foot for measurement after having “Zeroed” the indicator on the gaging plate surface. The foot is raised. The screw is placed in the “V”. The foot is rested on the screw’s head and the measurement is taken. This multipurpose gage can be used to measure all types of outside dimensions of fasteners such as head diameters, body diameters, thread major diameters, across flats and across corners of hex heads, washer diameters, and nut thicknesses.

Protrusion Heights are available with the following gaging plates: - ANSI/ASME 82 degree flat head plates: #2 through 3/8” - ANSI/ASME 100 degree flat head plates: #2 through 3/8” - ISO 90 degree metric flat head plates: M2 through M10 - SemsCheck plates for measuring head heights and lengths of SEMS screws after assembly. - Aerospace and or custom applications available upon request


These are gages designed to measure only one type and size of recess, rivet hole or slot. The standard gages are equipped with electronic, digital indicators that will read out in either inches or millimeters. Gages are available with dial indicators upon special request. • ANSI/ASME Type 1: Phillips #0, #1, #2, #3, #4 • ANSI/ASME Type IA: POZI-DRIVE #0, #1, #2, #3, #4 • (registered trademark of the Phillips Screw Co.) • ANSI/ASME Type III: Square socket #1, #2, #3, #4 • Hex Socket (GO element) .050" through 9/16"; 1.5mm • through 14mm • 6-Lobe Recess (GO element) T-6 through T-55


The Recess TIR Gage is designed to make the measurement of the concentricity of the screw’s drive system and head O.D. to its shank fast, easy, accurate, repeatable reproducible. This gage uses a single conical measuring element to measure the TIR of all internal drives except slot to the screw’s shank. The TIR of slots to the screw’s shank can be measured with a single “Slot Measuring Element”. The TIR of a screw’s shank to an external hex head or hex washer head can be measured with “Hex Measuring Elements”. In these cases a different element is required for each external hex size. This gage’s single recess measuring element will inspect all styles of recesses in all screw sizes #4 through 1” (M3-M24). This gage comes with an 11 piece collet set, customized to your particular size range and an electronic indicator that provides .0001” resolution and the absolute TIR measurement without adding or subtracting.


Wobble gaging provides a means for determining the compatibility of cross recesses in the heads of screws with companion screw drivers and will indicate the point where deviations in the recess contours affects satisfactory driver engagement. Recesses which exhibit excessive wobble characteristics will result in poor screw drivability because of driver camout prior to attaining normal torque level; damage to recesses; and/or accelerated driver wear. The screw to be gaged shall be placed into the screw holding chuck and oriented such the set of recess wings is parallel to the upright back plate. The screw shall be so positioned and the chuck shall be tightened sufficiently to prevent any tilting of the screw in the chuck when taking wobble readings. This gage meets the requirements of ASME B18.6.4


This patented gaging system, provides fast interchangeability of all recess measuring elements listed below on a single base having one digital indicator. This system is ideal for use in manufacturing applications where the recess measurements need to be recorded electronically and for incoming or final inspection applications where space, storage and total gage costs are important. When four or more of the above elements are required, it is less expensive to purchase the Recess Checker TM System instead of individual gages.

Custom made recess elements are also available upon request. Available: Slot recess / Pozidrive recess / Hex recess / Phillips recess / Square recess / Hexalobular recess Note: Fastener recesses should be inspected to assure the user that the fasteners can be driven properly and effectively during assembly.


Tapping screws are widely used fasteners in high volume assembly applications because they are designed to either reduce the number of components used or to eliminate production operations such as tapping and/or drilling. The performance requirements of tapping screws are covered by ANSI/ASME, SAE, GM, FORD, CHRYSLER, JIS, ISO, and others. These standards require that tapping screws must be tested for ductility, torsional strength, drive test, drive torque, drill-drive time, and hydrogen embrittlement. These requirements vary depending on the srew’s type. Specific equipment is required to conduct these tests properly. Greenslade provides all of the testing products needed to perform these required tests.

STF-87114 – Recess Torsional Strength Tester

This device is suitable for testing #6 through 1/2” screws according to MIL-S-87114A and other similar specifications. This tester comes with an adjustable weight stack, that can be set from 5lbs through 45lbs in 5lb increments. The end load pressure is not affected when the torque is applied. The required torque wrenches must be purchased separately. Now available as an add-on acessory to our STF-250.


The precision St. Mary Rotary "V" Block Gage makes measuring concentricity characteristics on cold headed parts faster, easier, and more precise than other similar devices, without using collets. Geometric tolerancing measurement requirements are becoming more common on fasteners and cold formed specials. It is vital for fastener producers to have the capability to make these geometric, relational measurements accurately and repeatable. The St. Mary gage design derives its accuracy and repeatability from its patented intermeshing three part contacting roll design. Other features contributing to its precision are an adjustable length stop, and adjustable spring loaded hold-down arm, sealed bearings, and lapped contact rolls. On the smallest gage model, concentricity measurements as precise as .00005 inches can be made.

COMPUTORQ 3 – Eletronic Torque Wrench

The COMPUTORQ 3 Eletronic Torque Wrench is a simple to use digital readout wrench that displays real time torque values in any of four torque units, ft.lbs., in.lbs., Nm, Simply set the desired torque value and apply force until the Green LED iluminates. Great for light industrial, automotive, motorcycle, watercraft and aircraft applications. N.I.S.T Traceable certificate of calibration included.


Greenslade gage designs are based on the idea that the “simplest gage” that meets a specific inspection objective is the “best gage”. Some inspection objectives can be adequately met using attribute (Go/NoGo) gages. We provide all types of GO-NO GO Gages, including Recess gages such as SIX-LOBE (TX) GO-NO GO gages T1 until T100 sizes, PHILLIPS, HEX, SQUARE, SLOT WIDTH Gage sets and special gages according customer requirements. All the GO-NO GO gages come with ISO 17025, A2LA Accredited calibration certificates at no additional charge.


Greenslade supplies a full line on inch and metric fixed limit, plug gages, adjustable ring gages and the associated setting plugs. Standard Inch, Metric and special Gages are available. In classes 2A/2B and 3A/3B in sizes from #0-80 through 2 ½-12 for inch gages that are manufactured according to the requirements of ASME B1.2. In classes 6H in sizes from M1.6 through M50 for metric gages that are manufactured according to the requirements of ASME B1.16M, also provided according to ISO and JIS specifications upon request. Special plug gages and rings can be supplied according to specific customer requirements in both inch and metric sizes. Calibration: All Greenslade fixed limit gages come with ISO 17025, A2LA Accredited calibration certificates at no additional charge.


The CamberCheck TM Gage provides the actual measurement of the amount of bow or camber in a bolt or screw quickly and easily. This gage is suitable for use is SPC programs for controlling manufacturing processes as well as for final inspection. The CamberCheck TM can be connected to a printer or computerized inspection systems for recording results. This gage meets or exceeds the requirements of ASME B 18.2.1


Test plates are important inspection items. Their proper use will call attention to problems before the fasteners cause assembly or warranty problems. Untapped test plates are required to properly test tapping screws (Types A, AB, B, F 1, 23, TT, SF, etc) for their ability to drive and to detect the presence of hydrogen embrittlement. Tapped test plates are required to test machine screws and bolts which are electroplated, and Rockwell C30 or harder, to detect the presence of hydrogen embrittlement. Greenslade Fastener Test Plates meet the following requirements: - ASME B18.6.4, B18.6.5M / DIN 7500-1, 7513 and 7516 - FIP-1000. 1-7 / Ford ESS-M1A160A, ES-20003-S1000, WA-971 - GM 6010M, 617M, 6171M, 6202M / ISO 2702 / JIS 1055 - SAE J81, J78, J993, J1237 / IFI-112, 503